Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Mix: Wizards, Mermaids, Books, and Björk

Voting is still on for the Imagine Better: The Climate Crisis Horcrux Contest, put on by the Harry Potter Alliance & Splashlife. As of today I'm ranked 5th, but there are still 5 days left to vote, and I would be super unspeakably grateful if you were to send some votes my way! Click on the image or link below to see my entry!

^ link to voting page! ^

This contest is very important to me - the Harry Potter Alliance does a lot of good work for important causes like this. And my work could potentially be seen by some truly awesome people, including Evanna Lynch, Harry and the Potters, Jason Alexander, and John and Hank Green...

Last week I received a gorgeous Artist Andrea Little Mermaid Eco Tote in the mail, from a giveaway through Art School Grad, an amazing Etsy team that I belong to. I love mermaids (I used to be really into them and have a small collection), and I've recently started using tote bags for summer rather than a purse, so this giveaway was perfect timing! Andrea does beautiful work; you can see more here at, or at her Etsy shop. Thank you to Andrea for the tote, and to Allie from Art School Grad for putting together the giveaway :)

The What I Wore Today Drawings group is putting out a book! So exciting, I love What I Wore Today and can't wait to get my hands on a copy... I'm thrilled that one of my drawings was selected to be in it: 

What I Wore Today 5/30

And I'm sure this is old news to anyone who is already a Björk fan, but I'm getting all worked up by her newest project, Biophilia. A couple of songs have been released already and I've been listening to Crystalline on repeat. I love the end.