Saturday, July 23, 2011

Imagine Better: The Climate Crisis Horcrux - Contest Entry!

I've entered the contest Imagine Better: The Climate Crisis Horcrux put on by the Harry Potter Alliance! Voting has BEGUN, so please, if you like what you see then send some votes my way!! 

Click the image or the link below to go to my entry: 

^ link to voting page! ^

My concept: A representation of our creative ideas as our world's Patronus; pollution will leave the earth essentially soulless, victim of the Dementor's kiss of greed, wastefulness, and apathy. Our own ingenuity is what will protect us from having the life sucked out of our planet. It can act as our Patronus, drawing on our positive outlook on the future, a power much stronger than the powers of greed responsible for our current crisis. 

I would be eternally grateful if you were to vote or share... thank you guys!! 


  1. I also entered the "Imagine Better" contest. I entered under the ideas portion of course. As I'm a terrible artist for the visual medium, short of theatre. I had everyone who voted for my project vote for yours. I hope it helped. Your work is beautiful.
    Anyway, I was hoping to ask you a question. I'm currently in first place for the ideas contest and was wondering how you would feel about illustrating a children's book about The Climate Crisis? My project is about creating accessible curriculum on the climate crisis for all ages of students, which include very young. A children's book would be a perfect addition to that curriculum and I love your work!
    Kaytlin S.

  2. Hello Kaytlin,

    Thank you so much, I really appreciate your compliments and your help! I checked out your idea and it's amazing, I agree that education will be the most important and effective way to solve this problem... I voted for your idea and will share it with my blog/facebook followers as well :)

    I'd love to hear more about your project, so if you'd like you can e-mail me at and we can discuss it more!