Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger Portrait: San Smith

the adorable San Smith
From her website
"San Smith is a professional Illustrator residing in Atlanta, Georgia. Her style is inspired by her interest in animation, comic books and vintage toys. When San isn't drawing, she enjoys hula hooping, riding bicycles, photography and chasing her chihuahua around the house. Her influences include Jamie Hernandez, Dan DeCarlo, Tara McPherson and Bruce Timm." 


I only recently found San's blog, but she's quickly become a favorite! It's fun and uplifting and never fails to make me smile. Aside from her art, San shares book/tv/music recommendations, links to neat things, cute outfits, and tutorials - she even does live drawing demos here on Ustream. 

She's also one of my favorite contributors to the What I Wore Today (Drawings Only) group. And she is just as cute and colorful as her drawings are! 

Find San at 

This is the second of a series of five portraits of bloggers I love! Look for a new one every Friday ♥ 
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