Friday, May 27, 2011

Blogger Portrait: Caitlin Shearer

the bewitching Caitlin S. 

Caitlin Shearer is an Australian artist whose work is full of romantically pretty things... mermaids, vintage starlets and dresses, flowers, night skies. I'm in love with her pencil and watercolor paintings. Her girls (and boys) are beauties, delicately drawn but striking in style. 

Her style and techniques are so individual; I especially like some of her recent work incorporating real pressed flowers (other paintings include embellishments like glitter and pearlescent paint). 

Besides being a favorite artist of mine, she is also quite fashionable and has been another of my favorite contributers to the What I Wore Today (Drawings Only) group on flickr. It seems she is just like a living version of one of her lovely painted girls. 

Find Caitlin at
art by Caitlin Shearer

This is the fourth of a series of five portraits of bloggers I love! Look for a new one every Friday ♥ 

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  1. I adore this, the real pressed flowers are such a delicate touch! Hannahbird, this is a brilliant showcase of talent; thank you for introducing me to Caitlin ;o) and for creating such lovely portraits of your new finds.

    ;o) brienna

  2. Caitlin - :) thank you again for allowing me to share your work!

    Brienna - I've really loved doing this series, I'm so happy you're enjoying it too. Thank you!