Tuesday, November 27, 2012

30 Day Monster Girl Challenge: "Day" 5 - Mermaid

Sooo. This isn't my original mermaid. The first one I made, a few weeks ago, is cute but boring. I've been stuck! It's strange, because I love mermaids and used to draw them all the time. I guess I wanted more of a concept, though, rather than just a cute merlady. My boyfriend is in the Everglades for an internship, counting invasive fish and plants and things, and visiting gave me visions of muddy swamp mermaids. This girl is based on the invasive walking catfish... certainly she could not have been found naturally here! She is originally from Thailand but was left in the swamp by a sailor who was afraid of commitment. Eh.

"Day" 5... it's been so long! But I have sketches ready to go for the next few. Look for them. I promise!