Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday Mix: Inspiring Installations

Hi all! It's been a while - between starting a new job and just being generally busy, I've been forgetting to blog! And to draw. It's bad, I know. But things have started to calm down, and what better way to start back up than to share some things that have been inspiring me lately? I've always admired three-dimensional art; it's something I feel I don't have the mind power to do, to think that way, so it's both inspiring and extra impressive in my mind. Installation art takes the three-dimensional concept to a completely different level. Though we're missing out on the personal, physical aspect of these works, here are some that are just as amazing through photo/video.

♥ Magic Carpet by Daniel Wurtzel. Simple, but beautifully mesmerizing. This reminds me of doing fabric studies back in school. I love painting fabric... I want to pause this video and paint the shapes in midair.

  Spread and Return Point by Bartek Swiatecki  The sense of movement in these images is incredible. Like stills from a sci-fi film.

♥ Plexus no. 3 from the Density of Light by Gabriel Dawe. Made with thread. I'm dying to see these in person, to see how each thread and each color overlaps the other. The combination of hard geometric shapes and soft, blurred edges is unreal. 

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