Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Mix: Camping Arty Sketches

This past Arty was so much fun. We went camping - it's hard to get much done when there are kayaks to boat around and dogs to play with and springs to swim in - but I did manage to use some time to sketch and paint. 

These are a few character sketches for a project. I'm obviously not as comfortable drawing boys, especially young ones, without references. But it helped to get something of a feel for the character. 

This is more like what my sketchbook contains as a whole. Girls everywhere. (And some Sailor Moon thrown in here and there for good measure.)

This is hopefully going to become a regular thing for the summer, and I plan on using these opportunities wisely; next time I want to draw and paint some landscapes from life, and maybe some wildlife as well, if I can. Looking at the stars and the Milky Way, and Saturn through the telescope, have got me thinking of celestial painting projects as well. Inspiring in many ways.