Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Mix: Holiday Prep

I. Love. Christmas. Mostly I love giving gifts. This time of year it's like everyone's having a birthday all at once and I get to gift them all. I love every part of gift-giving, from planning and making lists, to wrapping each box lovingly (wrapping is sort of an addiction for me), to seeing a person's face when they open it up. There are very few things that make me feel as happy. 

This year has been passing so quickly! It feels like I only just put my Christmas boxes away. I'm so excited, and I've been quite busy with a number of holiday projects. Like...

working on holiday art... 

decorating the house... 

...and sewing up geeky little felt ornaments for our tree.
(Yes, we have a Buddha living under it.) 

I have more ornaments to make and to hang, and gifts to make, and cards to order! I'm also prepping a few holiday items for my shop. So don't be surprised if this blog is non-stop holiday until Christmas Day ;)

And by the way...
There are only two more days to get 20% off custom portraits! 
If you're looking for a sweet Christmas gift, now is the time! 
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Happy gift-hunting!

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