Monday, September 5, 2011

Monday Mix: Post-It Art, WIWT Blog Feature, and Zelda Music

♥ The Post-It War: Window art made with Post-Its! This reminds me of being in college, when I worked at a newspaper with another artist friend of mine, Chris McAlister (check out his portfolio... I promise you won't be disappointed, he's incredibly talented!) We decorated our shared cubicle with tons of Post-It scribbles, although nothing like this. Makes me want to give some window art a try. 

My last WIWT drawing was featured on the What I Wore Today blog! I love this group <3 I'm still excited for the book, 2012 please! 

And some music... since David's been playing Ocarina of Time lately, I've been listening to this piano/violin medley of Zelda songs while I work. Give it a listen even if you're not familiar with Zelda, it's absolutely beautiful:  

Look for another Wednesday WIWT this week, and possibly a final on Friday! 


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